21 days of Blog/Facebook/Twitter updates – Day 2

Jan 2, 2015 by

DAY 2:  Health Concerns with Eggs

There are many reasons to reduce or even eliminate eggs from your diet.  Recent studies suggest that egg consumption can cause cardiovascular disease, diabetes , and colon cancer.
The research is startling:

  • If you consume seven or more eggs per week, you increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 19%; for diabetics that risk jumps to 83%.SadEgg
  • Consume seven or more eggs per week and your risk of becoming a diabetic is increased by 68%!
  • People who consume even just 1.5 eggs per week have nearly five times the risk for developing colon cancer, compared with those who consume less than 11 eggs per year.
  • Even egg whites count.  Since most Americans include far more protein than necessary in their diets, adding a highly concentrated source such as egg whites can increase your risk for kidney disease, kidney stones, and certain types of cancer.

Click here to read more about this from the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine.