What is Concierge Medicine?

The doctor will see you now…

Introducing Private Medical Care From Greenwich Pure Medical, LLC
At Greenwich Pure Medical, we practice “whole life health.” This means knowing you and your family as well as the interests, activities, job stressors and goals that factor into your daily life.

Our “whole life health” approach, when combined with our Private Medical Care (PMC) is ideal for those seeking a more comprehensive and individualized level of health management. Designed for patients of all lifestyles to achieve optimal health and wellness, PMC members receive extensive personal care and service with direct access to the doctor, when and where they need it.

Our Private Medical Care Plan Offers:
A trusted medical partner.
We are always by your side to help you maintain your vitality and health.
Patients can receive care in the privacy of their home or place of business.
Our undivided attention.
As only one patient is scheduled at a time you also have complete privacy.
Enhanced care and respect.
We provide a calm, thoughtful and thorough office experience.
• An emphasis on early disease detection and prevention.
• Attention to the medical needs of your out of town visitors in a pinch.
• Expedited hospital admissions, specialist visits and consultations.
• Facilitation of medical equipment purchases or rentals.
• An analysis of your current nutritional intake, exercise expenditures and sleep patterns
• Simple and concise answers to general health questions
• House Calls
• Secure and private access to your health records 24/7 from anywhere in the world
• Modification plans to address smoking, alcohol and unhealthy prescription drug behaviors

Did you know?
• Private Medical Care decreases the incidence of ER visits by 50-70% annually
• Such personal attention is known to reduce the rate of medication adverse effects
• We serve the community which we live and work with the best in mobile diagnostics
• Private Medical Care can make an immense impact on the wellbeing of Greenwich
• Devising personal health goals for each patient with each patient makes us a team
• Medical coaching for weight loss with guidance leads to keeping it off
• Providing aggressive ongoing nutritional counseling keeps you on track
• Working to bring better care to our community through social responsibility make us all better people
• A small portion of your Membership fee funds a bi-monthly free medical clinic for undocumented and uninsured residents of Fairfield County with Americares
• We desire a long term relationship with our patients, built on mutual trust and respect by offering a level of service and convenience similar to how you experience the rest of your life