Acute Teen Migraine Attack

Sep 12, 2014 by

78158919_XSWhat to do:

During the attack, advise the teen to lie down in a cool, dark and quiet room. Encourage them to sleep with the affected side of their head down.  Sleep it’s the most potent anti-migraine treatment, as activity can aggravate the pain.

Some patients find that ice or pressure on the affected artery can temporarily alleviate pain.

Digestion slows down in most migraine patients and causes delay in the absorption of any medications taken to help with pain.  Take 200mg of Ibuprofen with a carbonated beverage to improve absorption.

Stronger analgesic medication, such as butalbital from your physician may be necessary if the above methods don’t work.  Another prescription medication like Promethazine diminishes any nausea, causes beneficial drowsiness and seems to decrease pain; therefore, it frequently is used as a rescue medication.