Pure Play

Feb 27, 2014 by

What does the Pure in Greenwich Pure Health stand for?

Pure health begins by providing your body with a constant supply of quality nutrition. This means more than just following a healthy diet.  It’s about preparing and eating real foods and exploring the true meaning of “work-life balance.”

Greenwich Pure Medical, LLC (GPM) is dedicated to educating patients and their families about more than just the basics of diet and nutritional awareness.  We believe in, and help patients to develop convenient physical fitness regimens, practical stress management techniques and understand the importance of self awareness in disease prevention.

Through a physical exam, medical and family history discussions, personalized education, behavior modification, blood testing, metabolic analysis and food journals, GPM can guide you towards pure health and wellness.

We are available to anyone seeking support to achieve maximum pure health, as well as, to those seeking intensive nutritional counseling to address specific health concerns.

Our patients can move towards achieving their health, fitness and nutritional goals through individualized one-on-one counseling, customized couples programs, comprehensive family sessions and local or corporate group meetings.