Flippin’ It #1

Jan 21, 2013 by

Breakfast: Just Eat It

I know you have heard this a million times- but most people still don’t get it.  Eating (well) within 90 minutes of waking up…:  feeds your brain to improve cognition for the day; helps you perform tasks related to memory; gets your bowels moving; helps you resist succumbing to impulsive eating temptations and battles the obesity bulge!  Make it a habit- like brushing your teeth in the morning- and you will never have to stress over it again.

My Real Life:  If I start my day with a green juice/smoothie or a brown rice protein smoothie before leaving the house, I resist the evil Starbucks “Glass Case” and eat WAY better the rest of the day.

New Plan:  Make breakfast before bed.  This way when you wake up- it can be as easy as “grab and go!”  Leave a comment below if you would like some Healthy Breakfast Options posted.


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