Nutrition can be Blunderful!

Sep 25, 2013 by

FACT VS. FICTION: When it comes to Nutrition, there are some common blunders that are unfortunately, accepted as truths. It’s important to know the facts!

 The “health benefits” of consuming dairy is a common blunder that has its roots from a time when milk was unpasteurized, therefore nutrient and enzyme-rich. Furthermore, livestock was not corn-fed and were not pumped full of antibiotics and growth-inducing hormones as they are today.

The natural occurring growth hormones and casein in cattle irritate the internal system of the human body, triggering the production of mucus as a defense mechanism. Non-human milk is not biochemically adapted for the human body and is too growth promoting.

 Eating animal flesh of any kind, including fish, is not necessary for strength and energy. ALL flesh foods are highly stimulating and therefore make us feel temporarily energized, but this feeling is a poor indicator of the negative effects this food group may have on our bodies.

These inflammatory foods irritate the body, may cause an increase in the secretion of mucus, and provide minimal amounts of absorbable protein. Flesh foods accelerate your aging process because your body works much harder to break flesh matter into a nutritious form. Flesh- eating tips: eat wild fish–not farm raised; avoid shell fish, eat flesh foods no more than 3 times a week, avoid combining any starchy foods with flesh foods, avoid pork and when eating packaged meats, eat the package and throw away the meat!

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